TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter February 2014

Great news: the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter is now monthly! With so many users we are excited to share even more ideas, tips and techniques with you. This month we are featuring ways to help you save time by building large embroideries from smaller embroideries and using them in any size hoop.

Flower Icons


Alignment tools allow you to arrange designs with precision. Embroideries can be arranged using a variety of options including Center in Hoop, Move into Hoop as well as the various options for both horizontal and vertical alignment.

All of the alignment tools can be found under the Design menu within TruE™ Studio Studio. The most commonly used alignment tool, Center in Hoop Center in Hoop is also available from the Design Tab within the Control Panel in both TruE™ Studio Studio and TruE™ Modify Modfiy.

Different functions are available at different times depending upon what is selected in the work area. You can use the Center in Hoop Center in Hoop icon with a single embroidery design and the Move into Hoop function with single or multiple embroideries. The Vertical and Horizontal Alignment functions do however require you to have multiple embroideries selected.

The Center in Hoop Center in Hoop function allows you to move the selected embroidery into the middle of the selected hoop. The Move into Hoop function allows you to move any selected embroideries located outside the stitchable area of the hoop to just inside the edge. This is great for creating embroideries which take advantage of the entire hoop area.

Vertical Alignment

There are four Vertical Alignment and four Horizontal Alignment functions. You can align embroideries using the top, bottom, left or right edges, center them vertically or horizontally. In addition to lining things up the two additional functions will assist you for spacing. You can distribute the embroideries vertically and or horizontally and the excess space between the selected embroideries is adjusted equally.

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

Did you know that the software splits your designs automatically for multipart hoops upon Export? Don't have a Multipart Hoop? Don't worry. Using the tools available you can dream big and fit it to your hoop later.

Option 1: Multipart hoops

Start by creating your embroidery in a multipart hoop. This example shows a design created using a variety of SuperDesign elements that have been perfectly spaced using the Encore and Alignment functions available in TruE™ Studio Studio.

Export the finished embroidery file because it is now ready to sew. When you reopen the embroidery you will see it has been split automatically according to your Export settings. Use the Intelligent or Straight Line Split settings depending on your preference. There is no need to ensure each embroidery element is located in one or the other stitch area of the hoop; just place your embroideries in the most pleasing arrangement.

Straight Line Split cuts the embroidery straight across the center line of the overlap zone. Intelligent Split cuts through the minimum number of stitches and minimizes cuts through solid areas of stitching. Tolerance keeps the stitches a short distance from the edges of the overlap. This allows you to move a design slightly when going from one hoop area to another to align a turned hoop to stitch out the other side of the embroidery.

Option 2: Think big, then cut

You can also use TruE™ Modify Modfiy to manually split large designs into smaller hoops.

Encore screenshot

Start by creating a design in a hoop larger than any your embroidery machine may handle. The example design was created in a 16" (400mm x 400mm) square hoop using the SuperDesign elements with Encore and Alignment tools. Once the layout is finished, select Combine All from the Design Menu and then Copy the embroidery to the clipboard. Open TruE™ Modify Modfiy and choose the desired hoop which is compatible with your embroidery machine. Select the Paste function from the Design Menu to insert the design into your work area. Use Freehand or Polygon Selection tools to split the design into multiple embroideries, saving each section as a single embroidery design. If your design requires exact alignment when stitching it back together you may want to add some additional stitches (Alignment stitches) to each section.

Alignment Cross

Use TruE™ Create Create to produce a single alignment stitch embroidery design. Once exported as an embroidery design it can be inserted as many times as needed allowing you to make sure each section of the embroidery will line up with the previous one.

Best wishes from TruEmbroidery™ Software

P.S: Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month as we share information on how to search for your embroidery designs using Finder or Spotlight and how to speed this up with notes!