TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to all of you who received TruEmbroidery™ in the last few months. This newsletter is filled with tips, techniques and other relevant tidbits to inspire your design process in TruEmbroidery™ software.

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Knowing when to use the Open command and when to use Insert (or the Design Viewer Design Viewer ) can be confusing. The Open command is used to open an existing file. When the design opens into your work area it already has a name and is exactly as it was the last time you saved it.

When you save an opened design you will not be prompted to give the file a name or a new location, the originally opened file will be over-written in the same location on your computer. This is great for a work in progress where you don't want to have multiple files of the same thing on your computer.

Insert menu

If however you do not want to overwrite the original then you are better off using the Insert function, easily available from the Actions Actions button in the Toolbar. Insert allows you to open a copy of the file and it will no longer have a name as it comes into your work area as "untitled". When you save an inserted design for the first time you will be prompted to give the file a name and a new "save to" location on your computer. This is great if the design you want to use is going to be changed from the original configuration and you still want to have the original file for use in the future.

The Design Viewer Design Viewer in any of the TruEmbroidery™ Applications is actually an Insert function. Any design loaded into the work area using this tool will load in as untitled.

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

Have you wanted a specific lettering style that was not available as a pre-digitized font? Even though lettering is one of the more advanced digitizing techniques, you can use the tools in TruE™ Create Create to produce an embroidery design as words, using font styles available on your computer.

First open any word processing application and type in your word. Type the word as large as possible: Example = pt size of 100 or more. Save the word as an image which can then be used in TruE™ Create as a background or with the QuickCreate Assistant. There are many ways to do this: one way is to do a screen capture of a specific area on your screen (Shift+Command+4, drag a box over the area you want to capture). The image file is automatically saved to your desktop as a PNG image file.

Open the TruE™ Create Create module and use the QuickCreate into Hoop Assistant to copy the image of the letters into stitches. Move through the steps in the QuickCreate Assistant and adjust the settings as you desire. Use the Design Size page to set the height of the lettering, for example; 25mm or higher in height. Use the Choose Thread Colors page to simplify the recognised areas; selecting only two colors (the text and the background) and removing all Background Areas.


Once finished, you can adjust the style of Fill pattern, angle and density settings for the entire word (using Global Properties) or by individual letter (properties).


When ready to sew remember to save the EDO file in case you want to tweak the design or change the size. Export your design in the format needed by your embroidery machine.


Depending on the lettering style, it may be fun to make each letter in your word a different color as this will keep each section separate.


Some helpful tips:

  • Use Fonts that have a larger or thicker defined area and not really thin areas.
  • Use with fonts that have a smooth edge.
  • Use this technique for larger lettering with Fill Areas or appliqué with borders for best results. If you desire a Satin Stitch Font try using Fill Pattern # 36 as this will give you a close result.
  • This technique is not for creating tiny letters - leave this up to the expert digitizers!

Best wishes from TruEmbroidery™ Software

P.S:TruEmbroidery™ is compatible with both Mac® OSX Mountain Lion and the NEW Mac® OSX Mavericks. So don't be afraid to upgrade!