TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter March 2014

Welcome to the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter. This month we are focused on making your designs easier to create and locate. You will find helpful information regarding adding Notes to your embroideries so that you can easily locate them at a later time. We will also share some tips to make creating quilting designs quick and easy!

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Adding key search words to your embroidery designs is a great way to keep track of who you created the design for, what you did to modify it or any specialty techniques which are included in it, etc. You can also use these words to find a design later using the Finder Application.

The Finder Application on your Mac® will search not only the name of the design but it will also search the notes area within it. So where do you add Notes?

The Notes section is available in a few locations within the TruEmbroidery™ software:

  • Design Tab of the Control Panel in TruE™ Studio
  • Design Tab of the Control Panel in TruE™ Modify
  • Edit panel in TruE™ Create

To add a note to a design, simply open or select the design then click Edit on the Notes panel. Type in your notes and click OK. When you resave the design the new notes will also be saved.

To search for a design, open Finder. Choose the device or folder you want to search in. Simply start typing the word or phrase you added to the Notes in the Search window. Finder will display all files that contain that word or phrase in the name or in the Notes area of the file.


Once the desired embroidery file is located simply double-click to open it. If it is an embroidery (stitch file) like VP3 it will open in TruE™ Studio. If it opens in TruE™ Modify you can go to the File Menu, select Open with... and select TruE™ Studio. If it is a design file (EDO) it will open into TruE™ Create. (Finder will only search for text in the name of EDO files; however if you enter text in the notes it is automatically added to the embroidery file when you Export Embroidery.)

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

Did you know that you can create Outline designs, also known as Redwork embroidery designs, in TruE™ Create? Use the QuickTrace tools: Double Trace Double Trace, Quadruple Trace Quadruple Trace, Satin Line Trace Satin Line Trace or Motif Line Motif Line Trace to automatically place stitches following the lines within the image.

All connected lines within the image are traced when using these tools.

  • Double Trace Double Trace will use single and double lines of running stitches to trace the image
  • Quadruple Trace Quadruple Trace will use triple and quadruple lines of running stitches to trace the image
  • Satin Line Trace Satin Line Trace will use a satin stitch to trace the image
  • Motif Line Trace Motif Line Trace will use the selected Motif stitch to trace the image

Quilting designs, Redwork designs and Outline designs all refer to embroidery designs that have been created with either the Double Trace, Quadruple Trace or possibly the Motif Trace tools as they have no filled in stitches (fill or satin stitches) within the design.


Create an outline design by clicking Load Background Load Background and selecting an image to trace. Choose your trace method and click on the part of the design you want traced. In this example the design was created by using the Double Trace Double Trace tool and clicking on the black outline within the image. All the connected lines were traced with either a single or double running stitch to get around the entire image. Once traced, you can Export the design to sew it out.

Best wishes from TruEmbroidery™ Software

P.S: Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month as we share information on how to create your own monogram designs!