TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter May 2014

Welcome to the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter. This month we will focus on placing a basting line around your embroidery designs while in TruE™ Modify. We will also share with you how to create a continuously repeating embroidery using the Encore function and simple stitch markers.

Flower Icons


Have you ever wanted to add a basting line around part or all of your embroidery? The Automatic Basting Line Around Visible Stitches Automatic Basting Line tool is found on the Modify window of the Control Panel Control Panel in TruE™ Modify TruE Modify. Use this tool to insert a rectangular basting line automatically around the visible stitches.

If you place the automatic basting line around all stitches in a project with one design, you can use this to secure the fabric and stabilizer before beginning embroidery. What's great about this feature is that you can change the stitch length from the preset stitch length on your embroidery machine. You can also set the distance from the embroidery, or margin width. Set the margin width and stitch length in Preferences. Choose TruE™ Modify TruE Modify > Preferences, General General. Set the stitch length between 2.0mm and 8.0mm. Set the margin between 0mm and 20mm.

This feature is wonderful for creating your own cutwork needle designs, as it allows you to place a basting line at any point of the embroidery, not just at the beginning. To do this, adjust the draw range of the design and place a basting line around the visible stitches by choosing Design > Automatic Basting Line > Visible Stitches. To place a basting line around all the designs in a multipart project, choose Design > Automatic Basting Line > All Designs.

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

You can repeat embroideries as many times as you wish to fill your hoop using the Encore function in TruE™ Studio TruE Studio. Set the approximate number of repeats, then click Preview. Drag the square handles on the right side of the box to stretch or compress the box, changing the spacing. When you are finished, click Apply.

Corner stitch

You can make a design into an endless embroidery, to stitch in a continuous, sequence, re-hooping each time. To do this you will need to create a corner marker in TruE™ Create TruE Create. Set the grid size to 5mm and the running stitch length to 5mm. The Freehand Point Line tool was used to create 5 points to make the corner.

Corner stitches

Open the design that you want to make endless and the corner marker in TruE™ Modify TruE Modify. Copy and rotate the corner marker three times, then place the markers around your design. Use the grid and alignment tools to place the points giving you the desired margin around the design. Use the arrows in the Design Select area to change the order of the designs to place two of the corner markers at the beginning of the design and the opposite two corner markers at the end of the design. These designs used Two Yellow Butterflies from the Butterflies and Bugs sample folder of TruE™ Studio TruE Studio.

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P.S. Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month as we share information on how to work with layers!