TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Newsletter April 2015

Welcome to the TruEmbroidery™ 3 newsletter. This month, look at how to use the Life View feature and how to create fill patterns made from Motifs in TruE™ 3 Create.

Flower Icons


Life View Life View is new to the TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software and can be found in all three applications. Use Life View to view the embroidery in real-world perspective with the export options set in Configure. You can see the effects of glow in the dark, solar reactive threads, twin needles, dual thread, and puffy foam.

In Life View, you can zoom in to see detail, and move and rotate the embroidery in a three-dimensional view. All parts of the embroidery that are within the hoop area are shown, whether or not they are selected. You will see the design with no grid, no stitches selected, or markers displayed, as well as with your choice of special thread effects.

Life View Life View can be found next to the Design Player on the toolbar. Use the zoom slider to change the magnification of the embroidery. The box below the zoom bar displays the current magnification. The position Position slider lets you scroll over to another part of the Life View window. The rotation Rotation slider tilts the design to view the stitching in the embroidery in 3D. View the dimensions (Width Width and Height Height), the number of stitches Stitch Count and the number of colors number Of Colors in the embroidery. Use Reset Reset to set Rotation, Position and Zoom back to the default settings.

Use Effects Effects to change the appearance of an embroidery by showing the effect of using puffy foam, dual threads, or a twin needle for selected color blocks in the Effects dialog.

Want to see what that design with glow in the dark thread will look like when the lights go out? Click Glow in the Dark Glow In The Dark to view the effect. The preview darkens to simulate the lights dimming, and the glow in the dark threads are shown in their luminescent colors. This sample Halloween design can be found in the Studio/Stitch subfolder.

Glow In the Dark example

Want to see what the design with photochromic threads will look like in the sun? Click Solar Reactive Solar Reactive to view the effect. The preview simulates the sun shining on the design, and the photochromic threads change shade to show the colors they become in sunlight. The Daisy design can also be found in Studio/Stitch.

Solar Reactive example

Use Play Demo Play Demo to animate the preview and show the embroidery at different angles automatically. Play My Demo Play My Demo helps you to animate the preview using your own demo. Use the menu options to add the current position as a point in the demo, or reset to create a new demo. The My Demo animation is used for Life View in all TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software aplications. It is stored in the AnimationPath.txt file in the /[User]/Library/ApplicationSupport/VSMSoftware/TruE3/System folder.

Play My Demo

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

When you create your own designs in TruE™ 3 Create in the TruEmbroidery™ 3 ELITE software, you have 10 Fill Area types to choose from. Motif Fill contains repeated small stitches placed using one of the Universal motifs, machine motif patterns, or one you have created. It is also available in TruEmbroidery™. Let's see how it works.

In Motif fill areas Motif Fill the small Motifs are used at any angle, at varying sizes, and alternate lines can use different motifs. In the Motif Fill dialog you can select motifs, and set the motif angle, spacing, offset, stitch type and length when creating a motif fill area. Use Motif 1 to select the first motif and its size, and Motif 2 for a second optional motif.

The star at the beginning of the section is a Motif Fill Area with default motif 5 from General Motifs 1, Horizontal Offset set to 50%, Vertical Gap set to -10%.

 Motif dialog Select Motif Fill in the pop-up menu in the Fill Area section of the Create window, then click the button with the ellipsis (3 dots). Set the number of motifs in the fill to 1 or 2. If 2 Motifs is selected, a second motif is placed on alternating lines with the first motif.

Decide whether to use 1 or 2 motifs, then click the Motif 1 or Motif 2 button to open the Motif Selection dialog. Change the angle of the motif fill pattern from 0 to 359 degrees. When you select Center Motifs 1 and 2, extra stitches are added to either side of the narrower of the two motifs, so it is the same width as the wider motif. The motifs can then be centered, and any horizontal offset between them is constant.

Motif with Offsets

Select Horizontal Gap to add or remove space between motifs along a line, and Vertical Gap to add or remove space between lines of motifs. Horizontal and Vertical Gap can be set from -50% to +100%. Select Horizontal Offset to move motifs along a line, relative to their position in the previous line. Use Vertical Offset to adjust the position of a line of motifs, relative to the previous line of motifs. Horizontal and Vertical Offset can be set from -50% to 50%.

Select between Running and Triple stitch for stitching out the motif line. Set the maximum stitch Length from 1 to 6mm in steps of 0.1mm. This square is a Motif Fill Area with two motifs, 9 and 9 flipped vertically, from Hand Stitches 1.

Best wishes from TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software

P.S. Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month when we will look at the Lettering features in TruE™ 3 Studio and how to create a motif in TruE™ 3 Create.