TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Newsletter December 2015

Welcome to the TruEmbroidery™ 3 newsletter. This month we will take a look at the Design Player and share how to make unique designs using the Spiral Fill tool in Create.

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The Design Player Design Player can be found in all three Applications and is in both TruEmbroidery™ 3 and TruEmbroidery™ software. You can use the Design Player to play through the stitches in the embroidery project as if it was being stitched from an exported embroidery.

All parts of the embroidery project that are within the hoop area are shown, whether or not they are selected. The current Optimize for Sewing settings from TruE™ 3 Configure are used. All the designs in a multipart embroidery are shown in the Design Player. This is a great way to see the whole project after adjusting stitches in one of the designs.

In TruE™ 3 or TruE™ Modify, designs are shown in 3D 3D View or 2D with 2D View with Stitch Points or without 2D View without Stitch Points Stitch Points, depending on the current View Mode. In TruE™ 3 or TruE™ Create, designs are shown in 3D 3D View or 2D 2D View, depending on the current View Mode. (If in Outline mode, designs are shown in 2D.)

Click Play Control - Play to Start or pause play or drag the slider Play Control - Slider to go at your own pace. Click Play Control - Fast Forward x2 to Play at double the current speed. Continue to click Play Control - Fast Forward x2 to play even faster. Click Play Control - To Begining to Jump to the first stitch. Click Play Control - To End to Jump to the last stitch. Click Play Control - Rewind x2 to Rewind. The Design Information area shows you the number of stitches, number of colors, and the design height and width. For more information on this feature, shortcuts and a quick exercise, click the help button Help. Click Close when you have finished watching your design(s) stitch.

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

You can create unique designs easily with the Spiral fill feature in the TruE™ 3 or TruE™ Create Application. Spiral fill areas Spiral Fill use a spiral pattern from an origin point that can be moved. Use constant or gradient density, and add holes.

You can change the density on a spiral fill area over a range, or use multiple density changes from the origin to the edge of the fill.

Spiral Properties

Constant density creates a uniform fill at the chosen density. The lower the number, the closer together the stitches and the more stitches are produced. You can set Density from 2 to 40. Use the slider or the numbers box to set the Density.

Gradient Properties

Gradient density creates a fill with varying density. Select Gradient, and then click the ellipsis button (3 dots) to open the Gradient dialog. Set a value for the start and end density markers for the fill, and the density gradually changes between the two values. The start value is used at the origin of the spiral fill, and the end value is used at the edge.

Add multiple markers for a more complex pattern. The higher the value, the less dense the fill. Use the marker above the gradient bar to change the gradient across the fill. The markers can each take a value of 2 to 40, which means you can reverse the gradient simply by swapping the start and end values. Remove deletes the currently selected marker. Reset returns to the initial settings.

The top two arrow designs are set at a constant density of 15. The design on the left has the origin in the center, while the design on the right has the origin set at the right side of the arrow. The bottom arrow design is a gradient density set at 5 in the middle and 15 at the outside.

Best wishes for happy holidays from TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software

P.S. Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month when we will look at how to make your own fill patterns, and QuiltStipple Fill.