TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Newsletter February 2016

Welcome to the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter. This month we will look at the Design Viewer, and see how to split a large project into multiple files with the Split Project Assistant.

Flower Icons


The Design Viewer Design Viewer makes it easy to find a file for a project. The Design Viewer can be found on the Main Toolbar in all three Applications in both TruEmbroidery™ and TruEmbroidery™ 3 software. Click the Design Viewer button in the toolbar or choose File > View.

In the Studio and Modify Applications it helps you find and open .vp3 files. In the Create Application you would open .edo files. Once you have opened the Design Viewer, to view a design folder, click the pop-up menu at the bottom left and browse to the desired folder. Alternatively, click Choose and select a folder in the Open dialog. Click one of the displayed designs to place it in the work area. You can continue to select designs until you close the Design Viewer.

If the viewer is set to Icons Only, hover the pointer over a design thumbnail to view it's name. Scroll to view other designs in the folder.

Icon sizes

To change the size of the icons in the viewer, click the pop-up menu at the bottom right and select from Default, Small, and Icons Only.

Flower Tips and Techniques

tips and techniques

Do you have an embroidery design larger than your largest hoop? This month we will look at how to split large designs into multiple files with the Split Project Assistant. This Assistant is new to the TruEmbroidery™ 3 software and only available in the TruE™ 3 ELITE package.

Split Project Wizard

The design shown here is approximately 15.6" x 7.7". Once you have either selected or created your design in TruE™ 3 Studio, click Assistants > Split Project Assistant. Click Change Hoop to select the single-part hoop for your embroidery machine that you would like to use. You can see the number of hoopings that will be needed for that hoop. Increase or decrease the Overlap to fit your embroideries within the hoop. Choose a Connection type. With the 260mm x 200 hoop selected, it will take 2 hoops across to stitch out this design.

Split Project Wizard

Click Continue to make the first split using the settings on the Split Embroidery Page. If important areas in the embroidery are split, click Go Back and adjust your settings. The Save Embroidery Page appears. Use the Previous and Next buttons to preview the splitting of the embroidery. Go Back to the Split Embroidery Page to adjust settings until you are satisfied. Click Export All Sections to save the split embroidery.

Split Project Wizard

Click Continue to print a plan and worksheets for your project. Click Done to close the assistant.

Best wishes from TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software

P.S. Watch for the TruEmbroidery™ newsletter next month when we will look at the Get Length of Area tool and how to create a contour fill design.